Carefully selected rugs to create a unique aura in your space.



One of the details we look for, and pay close attention to, is the age of each of our rugs. All of our rugs range in age from 20 years to even 200 years old.


All of our rugs are handmade and never machined. Being handmade gives each piece a unique look, in turn, giving them their own personality. 



Every Rosette rug has a story to tell. Due to the nature of handmade and vintage rugs, they will often times attain "imperfections". We embrace these imperfections because there is nothing more magical than dreaming of the life they have experienced. We can only imagine what the rugs might say if they could speak.

Rugs marked "SOLD" are unavailable for purchase. Message us to purchase! 

Why a Rosette rug?



Turn the rug upside down and look at the back. The more distinctly the design shows on the back, greater the number of knots, the better the quality of the rug. In other words, the greater the number of hand-tied knots per square inch (KPSI) the finer the piece. All of the rugs we select are high quality, with precise attention to detail and charm.




Patterns are something we don't take lightly. Sometimes the difference between a forgettable rug and a showstopper is simply the pattern on the rug. We take pride in our style for textiles. Patterns also have unique meanings in their originating cultures and help add a sense of purpose to your living space. One of the most repeated patterns found in a Rosette rug is the "Rosette". A white rosette means innocence while a red rosette means passion or mystery. Just about every marking on your rug has a significant meaning.



Natural Dyes

Dyes extracted from flowers and roots are used in Turkish Rugs. The use of vegetables and other natural items to produce dye has been a well known art for many thousands of years. Natural Dyes are a much higher quality over synthetics. In comparison, they will not change for years. In direct sunlight, synthetic dyes will fade and change in color while natural dyes get brighter and more beautiful.